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calling me ugly isn’t even an insult because i know already

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Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love. Gabriel García Márquez (1927-2014)
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  • *accidentally purposely turns conversation sexual*
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You know", she said.
“I love you not because
the way you light
your cigar whenever
you’re upset.
I love you not because
you drink too much
whenever you had
a bad day.
I love you not because
you didn’t say any word
whenever we’re
having a fight-
to the point it boils out
from your nerves.
I love you without any
and that’s how I mastered you. (strong-but-breakable)
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Scooby Doo is the most useless member of the scooby doo team why is the show named after him, the show should be called Velma

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